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BabLibya Shipping always works to further your company’s best interest.

Established and based in Misurata City, Bab-Libya office is managed by experienced and dedicated shipping staff speaking English and Arabic and are fully trained in the intricacies of international shipping, representing ship-owners, operators and charterers, we can offer your company a full array of services including:

þ Ship Agency Services for vessels calling, all Libyan ports.  

þ A supervisory service of loading and discharging operations for ship owners, vessels operators and charterers.

þ Permanent contact with vessels, vessels owners/operators and charterers before, during and after vessels calls on a 24 hours basis.

þ Full follow-up of port situation including berthing prospects and unberthing movements.

þ Detailed port charges pro-forma invoice with and without majorations, taking into account ports restrictions.

þ Monitored pro-forma invoices avoiding excessive requests of funds, in accordance with existing official port tariffs.

þ Disbursement accounts verified and sent within one month maximum.

þ Immediate refund of balance on disbursement accounts.

þ Careful control of disbursement accounts and prompt settlement of pending clients.

þ BabLibya ensures rates applied conform with official port tariffs.

þ Keeps Ship owners / Ship operators fully informed at all times.


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